for all the TEARS


“Perhaps our eyes need to be washed by our tears once in a while, so that we can see life with a clearer view again”


Everyone will always have a reason to get sad, angry or disappointed..and it might never cross our mind, that all we need is only a hug. A sincere one. But then whom you can ask for if there’s no one beside you on that time??

Yeah, you can run away to any place you want, do anything you like, eat everything in your hand, smash things in front of you, or throw every stuff you hate, but nothing can thoroughly help your burdened heart to get lighter. All the things you do wont help you to be easier to breath. So well, crying is maybe the only answer (speaking out of God’s hand, but even a real prayer can make us cry). Yes, a cry will do. Not to get your mind out of control or anything, cry can only magically help you to understand things better that came up to you previously.

Some people might think that Cry means Weak. But don’t you remember? First thing that God gave us when we’re born were tears. There’s no baby who’s not crying at the time they were born and alive. God actually create every single drop of tears for the baby to help them strong enough to take a breath and be alive like God gave the tears to make us stronger yet, have a heart.  So i’m thanking God for each drop of my tears.

-My Dormitory, 20.01 pm-


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Like this quote:

The true beauty of a woman is her inherent ability to make better a man in every way
– Don Williams

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<div class="wp-caption alignnone" style="width: 330px"part of me

part of me

My smart phone capture it this night, but my heart captured the object first, his heart, long time ago.

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