Stop Smoking,,,Please…

This time i wont tell any story since something blotting out my idea for story telling..hehehe…

The only one idea flash on my mind is about the World No Tobacco’s Day which usually held on 31st May..yea..Although today is 16th October,,he..

I just want to remind us all about the danger of tobacco.

1. Reminding us all that tobacco is DEADLY IN ANY FORM.
Cigarettes, pipes, bidies, kreteks, clove cigarettes, snus,
snuff, smokeless, cigars, they are all deadly.

2. Reminding us all that tobacco in all types and names and
flavors are deadly alike. Tobacco is DEADLY IN ANY DISGUISE.
Mild, light, low tar, full flavour, fruit flavoured, chocolate
flavoured, natural, additive-free, organic cigarettes, PREPS
(Potentially Reduced-Exposure Products), harm-reduced… they
are all deadly. Those kinds of labelling doesn’t show the
products are any less dangerous.

3. Demanding the Government of Republic of Indonesia to ratify
the WHO Framework Convention on Tobacco Control (WHO FCTC) as
soon as possible, for the health of future generation.
Indonesia is the only country in Asia that is still not in the

So please STOP smoke any kind of tobacco for now and then…for your OWN GOOD!!!!!^_^



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5 responses to “Stop Smoking,,,Please…

  1. anakterlantar

    sepakat teh…
    pokoe no smoking anywhere…

  2. anakterlantar


  3. smoking tobacco aja lho…

    smoking yang lain mah boleh2 aja… asal seijin yang punya… wakakaka…

  4. marishall

    @anak terlantar: yoha spokat juga,,!!dah nemu orang tua angkat belom???kasian tlantar aja..hehehe..

    @deetzy: smoking apa yeuh maksutnyah??huehe..

  5. amir

    marsha gak suka lihat orang ngerokok, apalagi punya pacar perokok, just nanya aja

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