it’s too much!!thank you…

yeah,,it’s too much bad news for the last several days,,and i’m a kind of bit tired of it,,

Like OWH GOD…What ELSE??Is it not enough yet??


Is it too much for me to have just one more day for a nap, just a nap (not hedon!!!) all day long, without those stressfull matters?? Can I have a second of lazzyness time just to refresh my mind and soul before I got another stressiong matters (*logat british;p) ??!! ahgrhrghrghrghrgh…

Then someone called me,,I told him what i totally think about in present, and he said “oouuh,,kassiiaan,,yang sabar aja ya,,,

that’s all??

Yayayayaya,,,klissseeee !!! wush!!wush!!get lost lah!!;p

Yeeaaaah!!!! I’m a kind of girl who still got PMS (Pengen Mencari Suami Pre-Menstruation Syndrome) when I’m in my period of cycle..yea..even in my twenty something after I get used to and had lots of experience in having a cycle for my twenty plus plus years,,but its totally human women being right?!Lots of hormonal things,,that sometimes we can’t deal with,,



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2 responses to “it’s too much!!thank you…

  1. hahahaha, nge-blog juga bu?

    ps. i’m still learning to enjoy my ‘pms’ time too, hahaha.

  2. marishall

    iya nih, baru memulai lg,,biasanya bikin blog trus ga jelas aja gt nasibnya,,hehe..

    hahaha,,pms-nya dalam artian yg mana nih bu??ekekek,,

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